• Super S Ballscrews
  • Super T Ballscrews
  • Super Z Ballscrews
  • External Recirculation Type Ballscrews
  • Internal Recirculation Type Ballscrews
  • Endcap Recirculation Type Ballscrews
  • Self-lubricant Type Ballscrews
  • Heavy Load Series Ballscrews
  • Rotating Nut Type Ballscrews
  • Cool Type Series Ballscrews
  • Ball Spline

Linear Guideway

  • CG Series Superior Rolling Moment with Cover Strip Linear Guideway
  • HG Series Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway
  • EG Series Low Profile Ball Type Linear Guideway
  • WE Series Four Row Wide Rail Type Linear Guideway
  • MG Series Miniature Linear Guideway
  • RG Series High rigidity Roller Type Linear Guideway
  • QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology
  • QE Series Quiet Linear Guideway
  • QW Series Wide Rail Linear Guideway
  • QR Series Quiet Roller Type Linear Guideway
  • E2 Series Self lubrication Kit for Linear Guideway
  • PG Series Positioning Linear Guideway
  • SE Series Metallic End Cap Linear Guideway

Linear Motion Shafts

Case hardened & ground shaft
WS Conventional shaft; Material STB-2(SUJ-2100Cr6) WCS Hard Cr-plated shaft for anti-corrosive application ;Material STB-2(SUJ-2 100Cr6) WAS Stainless steel shaft for high anti-corrosive application; Material SUS440C

Hollow Shaft
WTS Conventional hollow shaft; Material STB-2(SUJ-2,100Cr6) WTCS Hard Cr- plated hollow shaft ; Material STB-2(SUJ-2,100Cr6)

Ball Screw Support Units

Specialized Manufacturer of Ball Screw Support Units.

  • Support Unit EK
  • Support Unit EF
  • Support Unit BK
  • Support Unit BF
  • Support Unit FK
  • Support Unit FF
  • WBK type support Unit (heavy-load)
  • MGD Nut Bracket
  • WBK(Motor Bracket)type support Unit
  • MC Nut Bracket


Available with three different damping inserts, these Zero-backlash servo insert couplings compensate for misalignment caused by the high load inertias or very fast accelerations of today’s high-performance digital and analog servo and vector drives.

Flexible Coupling Rigid Couplings

Unique taper lock design avoids the misalignment problems that are common with traditional taper lock clamps.

Benefits/features include:

  • Zero backlash, high stiffness and low inertia
  • Compensates for heat, pressure & elastic deformation that commonly cause axial, radial and angular misalignment
  • Maintenance free – built to last
  • Efficient and smooth power transmission
  • Reliability, precision, power and repeatability integrated in each unit


WON’s Cross Roller Guide way consists of the precisely ground raceways and the roller cage, in which precision roller are incorporated at right angle to one another, is fitted in to 90 v-grooved raceway machined on the race rail. WRG Guide ways is compact linear motion system with high rigidity and high accuracy as a kind of linear motion bearing with low frictional resistances, tight clearance & non-circulation method by big rollers with contact-areas as a rolling body.

Double Disc Couplings

It can be very difficult to fully center two shafts when connecting them together. Shaft deflection caused in operation of the machinery, thermal expansion of the shafts, warping of support plates over long periods of use, and wear of shaft bearings can also make it difficult to keep the shafts centered. The role of the coupling is to resolve these types of problems through the selection of the right coupling for the job. Miki Pulley provides a wide range of coupling products not just for general purpose motors, but for everything from servo motors, which demand ultra-precise control, to engines, which generate high vibration and large shocks.

Linear Bearing

Compact Ball Spline is an innovative linear motion system to transit torque while smoothly doing rolling motion on the 2 precisely ground raceways to be divided in 180 deg of the spline shaft diameter.

Ball Spline is an innovative linear motion system, in that balls accommodated in the spline nut transmit torque while linearly moving on precision ground raceway on a spline shaft.

Single Axis Guide

  • KK Series Single Axis Robot
  • SK Series Single Axis Robot
  • KA Series Single Axis Robot
  • KC Series Single Axis Robot
  • KE Series Single Axis Robot
  • KS Series Single Axis Robot
  • KU Series Single Axis Robot

Taper Roller Bearings

Taper roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are
arranged.The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at a common point on the bearing axis.
Their design makes taper roller bearings particularly suitable for the accommodation of combined
(radial and axial) loads.


All slide models are available as X-Y Tables and Stages. They offer the same features and benefits as their single axis slide series counterparts.

  • Manual positioning
  • Motor ready for your drives
  • DC motor drive
  • Stepping motor drive
  • Servo motor drive